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The Eras Charms Inspired by Taylor Swift

The Eras Charms Inspired by Taylor Swift

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Option 1: Interchangeable Hoop - this option will allow you to buy several eras and change them in and out. This hoop is high quality 14K gold filled. To order select the interchangeable hoop option and an era you want. Add to cart and then continue shopping and select charm only to buy other eras.

Option 2: Permanent Huggies - this is for those of you that only want ONE era and this option will not allow for you to take the charm off. These are hypoallergenic 18K gold, which is a more affordable option. Select permanent huggie and then which era you want. 

To order extra charms select charm only and which era you want. This option does not include any hoops.

Shipping: Please give a 1-2 week lead time. Most orders will ship before then but I want to give plenty of time.


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